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Esteban Jimenez is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Esteban is a member of the Los Santos Vagos. During the mission, "Repossession," Simeon Yetarian orders Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis to repossess a Bagger from the Vagos in Vespucci Beach. After a long shootout, Esteban takes the bike and escapes from the area. Franklin gives chase and take the bike, but Lamar keeps the bike and leaves with it, preventing Franklin from bringing it back to Simeon.

During the mission, Esteban can either die from getting shot by Franklin or from a car crash. He can also be spared if the player wounds him but does not kill him.

Mission Appearances



  • He can be killed before he gets on his bike, meaning that the chase won't happen.
  • Alternatively if you shoot him before he starts the chase, you can see him running. But the dialogue between Lamar and Franklin remains the same stating he was killed.


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