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Exact Audio Copy (abbreviated EAC) is an unofficial tool for tying your own songs for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. In addition, there is an official version by Rockstar Games, which was created in collaboration with the programmers of the EAC. This is called "Rockstar Custom Tracks". It was programmed by Rockstar Leeds.


  1. Exact Audio Copy Download
  2. The tool to install
  3. The program to start
  4. Insert an audio CD
  5. Set to "→ EAC Converted MP3 music on the hard drive"
  6. A file from an audio CD or the hard drive search
  7. Then click
  8. The destination directory "My Computer" → "Removable Disk" → "PSP" → "SAVEDATA" → "ULES00503CUSTOMTRACKS (GTA VCS)" or "ULES00182CUSTOMTRACKS (GTA LCS)" → "Save"
  9. The. Toc file. Gta rename after the conversion is complete
  10. Liberty City Stories Vice City Storiesorstart
  11. Ins pause menu and go there to "Audio" → "My songs ON"
  • Sitting now in a vehicle, you can hear his own music
  • You can repeat the procedure as long as you like


  • For Liberty City Stories: ULES00182CUSTOMTRACKS (folder for/of the EU-Version)
  • For Vice City Stories: ULES00503CUSTOMTRACKS (folder for/of the EU-Version)


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