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Executive Search is a VIP job featured in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals.


Executive Search is a VIP mission in which you need to hide in a portion of the map from players for a small period of time. The VIP will be assigned to the location that they need to stay in the highlighted circle. Standing still however causes your blip to be seen on the map, making you need to move constantly. Additionally, leaving the highlighted area will reveal the VIP's location and start a 20 second countdown time before the VIP Work fails. Bodyguards are allowed to leave this area and will still appear on radar to protect the VIP.

Other players will be notified to eliminate the VIP in the search area to be awarded for this job.


  • Try to move carefully as possible to avoid detection by other rival players. Use clothing that can blend in with other NPCs.
  • Disable friendly fire to prevent bodyguards from accidentally killing the VIP.
  • Steal a civilian vehicle with no damage and place Sticky Bombs on it. Drive like other NPCs, or if players are too close to your location, detonate the bomb immediately to spawn in different location inside the area.
  • Some assigned locations have better hiding spots without the use of glitches. For example, the VIP can hide inside the train tunnels to avoid getting detected by other players.
  • Wall breaching is another technique of surviving. However, they could risk getting reported by other players for exploiting and may be flagged as cheating.
  • Avoid approaching too close to rival players as their controller vibrates and point to your location. Just kill or take an easy way out.
  • Your bodyguards should not be following you as rival players will tail the bodyguard's location making them easier to spot you. Additionally, do not enter the bodyguard's vehicle making it very reliable of your presence.
  • If the VIP prefers to attack rival players instead, drop BST as well as having full health and armor equipped with them allowing a better chance to survive.
  • Use a thermal vision helmet to avoid rival players that are in off the radar or ghost organization.
  • Do not follow your VIP/CEO making your rivals easier to track them down.
  • Distract the rival players by shooting at them.
  • The player may need to keep an eye out for aircrafts infiltrating the search.
  • As an attacker, use off the radar or ghost organization but keep your distance. Using this ability too close to their distance can result a few experienced players to use ghost organization for their bodyguards or continuously take an easy way out.
  • Any armored vehicles is another offensive move though a few experienced players will always try to destroy and take an easy way out quickly.
  • The VIP can also hide in small alleyways or camp on top of buildings. Look for these areas to find the VIP.
  • Helicopters or other aircrafts are not recommended as they can be taken down by unsuspecting organizations that are off the radar.
  • If possible, have a friend or yourself find a vantage point to provide lookout support for the VIP's location.
  • Using any thermal vision helmet makes the search significantly easier as it can detect the VIP's presence and movements through walls and buildings.
  • Place proximity mines in any possible hiding or open spots if necessary.
  • Scare or kill all NPCs to look for their search if possible.
  • Kill one of their bodyguards where they will respawn to the nearest VIP location.


  • If the VIP takes the easy way out by using the interaction menu, commits suicide by explosives, or killed by NPCs, the mission won't be registered as a fail for the VIP's organization.
    • Similarity, any rival Mobile Operations Center that kills a VIP, using the mounted cannons, will not count as a kill.
    • However, the mission still will fail if friendly fire is turned on and having bodyguards kill their VIP.
  • Spectating the VIP is disabled at all times to prevent other players from knowing their movements and locations.

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