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Exercising the Truth

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Exercising the Truth is an unmarked Strangers and Freaks mission in Grand Theft Auto V. It is given to the protagonist Michael De Santa for the Epsilon Program.


Michael needs to meet his "brother-brothers" at their place at the Grand Senora Desert. He is congratulated for the previous jobs that he did and is given a medal. Then, Cris Formage, the leader of the cult, gives a task to Michael via loudspeaker. Michael needs to wander 5 miles throughout the desert. At each tenth of a mile, a message will display above the radar, showing the player the distance he walked or ran. If Michael goes out of the desert, the count will be reset and the player needs to start it again. Reaching 4 miles, Cris will call Michael and tell him that he is close. Reaching 5 miles, Cris will call Michael again, congratulating him and telling about Kifflom's last job.

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