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"Lenny Avery. He... he was my best friend. And now, he has taken all of my clients. All of them. Do you think you could take out all of his for sale signs?""
―Josh to Trevor

Extra Commission is a Strangers and Freaks side mission in Grand Theft Auto V. Completing this side-mission does not contribute toward 100% Completion.


When Trevor approaches a plush, gated mansion on West Eclipse Boulevard, he encounters Josh Bernstein coming out of the gate. Josh offers to sell the house to Trevor and reveals he was formerly a real estate agent of some renown.

Josh then explains to Trevor that Josh's former best friend, Lenny Avery, has stolen all of his clients. And in exchange for some vague reward, he asks Trevor if he'll go around the neighborhood and smash down all of Lenny's "For Sale" signs.


Mission Prerequisites

Before this Stranger and Freak will appear on the map for Trevor, the player must complete:

Mission Objectives

To complete this mission, the player must:

  • Meet with Josh in Vinewood.
  • Destroy all 15 of Lenny Avery's "For Sale" signs.

Mission Details

Approach Josh who will explain his situation and task you with smashing 15 "For Sale" signs around the area.

After leaving Josh at his home, the player will receive a text message from Josh with a map of all of Lenny's properties. The player can click on a location and get directions to it, however, once the sign is smashed, the property does not disappear off of the map, so you will have to keep note of which ones you've already been to.

After smashing all 15 signs, Trevor will receive a text from Josh asking him to come to the Bilingsgate Motel.

Mission Gold Requirements


Mission Failure

The mission will fail if the player:

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