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Not to be confused with Extradition, a mission in GTA Online.
"An executive jet's gone down in the wrong part of town. A team of Bodyguards works with their team member, the Target, to rendezvous in the extraction zone and get them to the evac point. Meanwhile, the Hit Squad try to find the Target first and put them down."
Rockstar Games Social Club description.

Extraction[1] is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Executives and Other Criminals update.


"Teams of Bodyguards must search, locate and safely extract an Executive Target from their downed jet before a rival Hit Squad intercepts and eliminates the target."
Rockstar Newswire description

With an amount of from three to twelve participants, the game mode involves 2 teams: the Bodyguards (1-5 players) and a Hit Squad (1-6 players). There is also a common Target (an executive, 1 player only).


The target's plane was forced to make an emergency landing, so it is stranded inside an area called extraction zone. The target have to meet with the Bodyguards and get to the evac point, before the Hit Squad finds them. The Target is equipped with a flare gun, which can be used to point out his location, as well as hurting the enemy players.


The bodyguards must save the target from the extraction zone by collecting and escorting him to the evac point, while defending them from the Hit Squad.

Hit Squad

The Hit Squad have to find and take out the target before the bodyguards find them. If the target gets in the bodyguards' vehicle, the Hit Squad can still pursue the target vehicle marked in the map, before it reaches the eavc point.

The target has a single life; all other players have three. If all team members are permanently removed (either by dying or being disqualified for staying out-of-bounds), the opponent team wins the round.

There is also an Extraction app, which can be used by the Bodyguards and the Target to locate each other by using the given coordinates.


Different vehicles are available to the players depending on the team chosen:


Image Location Map
Extraction-GTAO-1 Extraction I: Extraction zone is located in Davis and Ranch; Hit Squad start in El Burro Heights; Bodyguard team starts in Banning and Burton; Evac points are located in Vespucci Canals and Mirror Park. Extraction-GTAO-Map1
Extraction-GTAO-2 Extraction II: Extraction zone is in Grapeseed; Hit Squad and Bodyguards start in different parts of Mount Chiliad; Evac points are located in San Chianski Mountain Range, Pacific Ocean and Grand Senora Desert. Extraction-GTAO-Map2
Extraction-GTAO-3 Extraction III: Extraction zone is located in Cypress Flats, Murrieta Heights, El Burro Heights and La Mesa; Hit Squad spawn at a distant point in El Burro Heights; Bodyguards start in La Puerta; Evac points are located at the LS International Airport and NOOSE Headquarters. Extraction-GTAO-Map3
Extraction-GTAO-4 Extraction IV: Extraction zone is located in Great Chaparral and Grand Senora Desert; Hit Squad appear at the Zancudo River; Bodyguard team starts in West Vinewood; Evac points are located in Bolingbroke Penitentiary and Vinewood Hills. Extraction-GTAO-Map4
Extraction-GTAO-5 Extraction V: Extraction zone and the Hit Squad are found in different parts of Grand Senora Desert; Bodyguard team starts in Great Chaparral; Evac points are located in the Palmer-Taylor Power Station and Grand Senora Desert. Extraction-GTAO-Map5

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