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"Right now, it is life lesson time, pal. You have got to wake up to what is real in this situation, bro. Take me, right? I am opportunity. I'm security. I'm fast cars and blowjobs. I got the world on a plate. Those two clowns...Oh, man, they are the worst kind of disaster that can ever come down. They are a full core meltdown, and you're just standing there, soaking up major radiation. You have got to take stock, man. Make that call, before it's too late."
Devin Weston

Eye in the Sky is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonists Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips by Devin Weston.


Franklin and Trevor must steal a Z-Type from Chad Mulligan. Trevor is responsible for finding Mulligan while Franklin is charged with returning the car to Weston.


Franklin is sitting around in the FIB lot when Trevor shows up in a Police Maverick. The Maverick is equipped with a camera that allows the camera's user to identify individuals by reading RFID transmitters placed in San Andreas driver licenses. Playing from Trevor's perspective, the player takes control of the camera while a Los Santos Police Department officer pilots the aircraft from the FIB lot into Downtown Los Santos. The camera identifies four potential targets for Trevor to scan. However, none of these are Mulligan. The pilot takes Trevor to a second area where four more targets are identified. Mulligan is part of this group. While searching for Mulligan, Trevor can also overhear conversations on the ground.

Once Mulligan has been found, Trevor surveils him to the garage where Mulligan is keeping the Z-Type, all the while updating Franklin on the target's location. Once in the Z-Type, Mulligan tries to escape. Trevor continues to track him using the camera. Eventually, Mulligan attempts to hide in a parking garage. Trevor switches the camera to thermal vision. Trevor first identifies Franklin's thermal signature. After that, Trevor points out other thermal images in the garage, each of which Franklin investigates (Franklin provides interesting commentary on each one). Mulligan is located to the far left of the garage.

At this point, the player is switched to Franklin, who is standing near the Z-Type and Mulligan. Franklin can choose whether to let Mulligan live or kill him: if Mulligan is allowed to live, he will call the police and Franklin will get a wanted level; if Mulligan is killed, the police are not notified. Franklin drives the Z-Type to a hanger in the Los Santos Airport where Weston and Molly Schultz are waiting. Once there, Weston admires the car and remarks that only ten of them exist in the world. Franklin complains about his payment. Weston says he must wait. Weston and Schultz enter a Shamal and prepare for takeoff, but not before Schultz tells Franklin to drive away from the airport using one of the two nearby Tailgaters. Franklin must then leave the airport grounds before the mission is completed.

Completion - Gold

  • Not a Scratch : Deliver the Z-Type with no damage
  • Eavesdropper : Listen to 3 conversations
  • I See You : Find Chad's hiding place on the 1st attempt


  • If the player listens to Weazel News on the radio, it will say that Chad Mulligan's Z-Type was stolen and that the Z-Type cost him 3 million dollars, this is as well quite strange, because the Z-Type costs $10,000,000 in


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