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For the car in GTA LCS, see FBI Cruiser, or for other cars in the series, see FIB Buffalo or Unmarked Cruiser. For the civilian counterpart, see Kuruma.

The FBI Car (written as Fbi Car in-game) is a law enforcement car driven by FBI agents in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Advance. The vehicle was meant to appear in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but was removed from the game's final version.


When the player  has a 5 star wanted level, FBI cars replace the LCPD Police cars in chasing the player. The FBI Car has higher speed but poorer handling compared to the LCPD Police car, and each vehicle carries four agents in contrast to the Police car which only carries two officers. There are also FBI car roadblocks, replacing the Enforcer in that capacity.

Like any law enforcement vehicle, the player may activate the Vigilante side-mission while in an FBI Car.

The FBI Car was meant to appear in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, though it was removed from the game's final version. It is possible that it was replaced by the FBI Rancher. The FBI Car's model exists, but it is inside the cutscene.img file instead of the gta3.img file, which is evidence that it was only going to be used in a cutscene and would never be an actual vehicle. The texture for the car also exists although it is of very low quality.


Grand Theft Auto III & Grand Theft Auto Advance

In GTA III, the FBI Car's body is identical to the civilian Kuruma, but is painted exclusively in black and has tinted windows and a dashboard mounted light and siren. There is a slightly different variant of the FBI Car present at roadblocks, with its body color is in a lighter shade (most likely gray) than the FBI Car used in pursuits. In the mobile version of GTA III, the FBI Car features an air intake on the hood.

As in GTA III, the FBI Car in GTA Advance is distinguished by its black body color, but features two red strobe lights mounted in the front and back of the interior, and is distinct in design from both the Police Car and the Taxi.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In GTA: San Andreas, the FBI Car was meant to appear. It had a white paintjob, and black tinted windows, and was based on the 1981-1990 Chevrolet Caprice, with the sides and back reminiscent of the 1980-1989 Dodge Diplomat. It is possible that the white paintjob was an early idea for the vehicle's color. In the final version, the same car appears as the Police Cruiser, and is used by the Las Venturas Police Department.


In GTA III, the FBI Car is considerably faster than the standard Kuruma but has inferior handling due to a slightly higher ground clearance which, far from an improvement, only serves to make the vehicle less stable. This raised ground clearance makes the FBI car more prone to rollovers, but makes the vehicle more suitable of off-road driving. Compared to the LCPD Police car, the FBI car is faster but has less stability and durability.

The car's performance in GTA Advance is superior to the Police Car, possessing a slightly higher top speed second only to the F-1. The car's scrap value at the crusher, however, is lower, at $530 each.



Grand Theft Auto III

  • Seen when the player has a 5 star wanted level.
  • Can be obtained after finishing the Export/Import law enforcement list at the Portland Docks, Portland Island.

Grand Theft Auto Advance

  • At the Wichita Gardens LCPD Station, Shoreside Vale.
  • Seen when the player has a 5 star wanted level.


Gta 3 - how to get the Fbi Car-003:02

Gta 3 - how to get the Fbi Car-0


  • Unlike other FBI cars that follow, the FBI Car is the only law enforcement vehicle in Grand Theft Auto III that can be resprayed.
  • The FBI Car in GTA III features a single blue dashboard light, but in Grand Theft Auto Advance it features two red dashboard lights, one in the front and one in the back.
  • Unlike other law enforcement vehicles, prostitutes will enter the vehicle when it's stopped. Street criminals may also attempt to car-jack it if you get too close to them.
  • The FBI Cars that are dispatched after the player are a darker shade of black than FBI Cars that have been resprayed or bought at the docks.
  • If you respray the FBI car, its color will be exactly the same color as the barricade version.
  • The FBI Car has a unique siren which is louder and higher pitched, the horn also will sound when the secondary siren sound is activated.
  • In GTA San Andreas, the FBI Car's leftover textures are actually backwards. This can easily be fixed using a program such as Paint to swap it around.

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