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The FBI Truck is an armored law enforcement vehicle that was cut during the development of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The FBI Truck seems to be a well-armored police vehicle, but it has an average damage-proof body, like most vehicles in-game. It cannot take many major hits from larger vehicles and it's not bulletproof either, withstanding bullets better than an average vehicle, but for a limited time only.

It features a hatch on the roof, where a member of the FBI can shoot from, however, it is unopenable to the player if they were to spawn the vehicle.

The FBI Truck is based on the Dodge Peacekeeper or Cadillac Gage Ranger (as the SWAT Tank is based on the Cadillac Gage Commando V-100).


The FBI Truck is a rugged, near-indestructible police vehicle, the rear-wheel drive layout handles well on rough terrain and is capable of high speeds, making up for its poor steering and braking at high speed due to its weight.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

The FBI Truck was meant to appear in mission "The Truth is Out There". However, the said mission was cut, therefore there was no use for the FBI Truck itself, and it was left in game files.


  • Oddly, the FBI Truck uses SAPD markings instead of FBI markings; quite possibly due to its original intended use as being a SWAT truck rather than an FBI truck (considering that its basis is/was used and intended for such a purpose).
  • The FBI truck also has a darker variant only found in the game's files and in mods.
  • As claimed by this image, the beta FBI Truck had a Machine Gun and shield on the roof.
  • As is with the Tram, it cannot be normally obtained by the player and it is not used by the FBI to chase the player when the player has a wanted level. It can only be obtained through the use of third-party trainers, cheat devices, car-spawners or other modifications.


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