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[[File:Fab (GTAL61).png|right|thumb|A Fab.]]
[[File:Fab-GTAL61.png|right|thumb|A Fab in GTA London 1961.]]
The '''Fab''' is a luxury car featured in [[Grand Theft Auto: London 1961]].
The '''Fab''' is a luxury car featured in [[Grand Theft Auto: London 1961]].

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A Fab in GTA London 1961.

The Fab is a luxury car featured in Grand Theft Auto: London 1961.


The Fab is an obvious replica of the original FAB1, a six-wheeled car prominently featured in the futuristic 1960s Thunderbirds series. Like the Voxel Concept, the car's design is unlike many cars of the game's era, sporting then futuristic design cues such as a panoramic-style top and aggressive styling. Like the FAB1, the Fab is also only coloured pink. The car is prominently featured in one mission triggered by entering a "Fab in Northeast Battersea", during which the player is required to hurriedly deliver "creepy little" "Thunderthigh" dolls to a birthday of a child who is crazy for these toys.

The Fab possesses good acceleration as well as an excellent top speed and braking. However, its handling is abysmal and also features below average brakes. The car's value is also low, with a base export value of only £200 (mint condition).


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