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"Did somebody say Yoga?"
―Fabien's catchphrase

Fabien LaRouche is a yoga instructor that appears as a supporting character and a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto V


Events of GTA V

Fabien LaRouche is Amanda De Santa's private Yoga instructor. Due to Fabien's sexually-oriented methods, Michael often shows disapproval at him for messing around with his wife. Amanda would often defend him by saying Fabien is simply a close friend.

During the mission Did Somebody Say Yoga?, Fabien convinced Michael to join him and Amanda in a yoga session. However, when Fabien attempted to do a sexual pose behind Amanda, Michael got angry and tried to hit him, but missed and fell into the pool. Fabien and Amanda then left the house.

During the mission Reuniting the Family however, Jimmy, in hopes of bringing his dysfunctional family back together, returns home and reveals that Amanda and Fabien are hanging out at Bean Machine. Once there, Michael's attempts to politely settle things between him and Amanda are slightly halted, as Fabien rudely insults Michael and Jimmy. Tired of Fabien's ill-mannered behavior, Amanda allows Michael to knock him to the ground with a laptop, right before accepting Michael's offer at one more chance to rebuild their marriage and family.



He appears to be somehow sexually obsessed, as all of the yoga positions he teaches have sexual connotations. This is evidenced by the images on his website and his rule on palming: "If I gently palm your camel toe, accept the gift as it was intended." Later in the game, Fabien's arrogant and highly uncouth behavior takes a toll on Michael's family, thus, having Jimmy reveal where Amanda and the latter are hanging out so that he may put a brief end in the couple's relationship.

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