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Falling occurs when the player jumps off something and lands. Commonly the player will lose health.

GTA 1 and GTA 2

In Grand Theft Auto 1, and Grand Theft Auto 2 falling is impossible due to lack of slopes and the inability to get high enough to do so.


Grand Theft Auto III introduced falling, when landing the player will land flat on the ground and lose health, if too high the player will die. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City when the player falls they will perform a roll, but lose health if high enough, making recoveries easier, although the player will fall flat if too high. The feature is absent in Grand Theft Auto Advance due to game limitations. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas possesses the same logic as in GTA III, the player will fall flat. In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories if high enough the player will roll and get up, but lose health like in GTA: Vice City.


In Grand Theft Auto IV the player will roll if high enough, but not lose health. Due to Ragdoll Physics if too high, the player will fall over if too high when falling.


  • GTA: San Andreas has the slowest recovery, while GTA: Vice City has the fastest.
  • Carl Johnson is the only protagonist to shout things if falling.

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