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Fame or Shame is a talent show hosted by Lazlow Jones, it is likely a parody of talent shows such as X factor, where three judges vote on the singer's performance. The Judges on Fame or Shame however, prefer to mock and insult Lazlow even when voting on a singer's performance. The show's ratings are apparently low which Lazlow then begs the judges to do something controversial, similar to how real-life talent shows do something controversial by keeping acts in despite how bad they can be.


Hugh Harrison: is a supposedly british judge that seems to be a parody of Simon Cowell, complete with degrading comments which is usually aimed at Lazlow. A montage shows Hugh comparing bad acts to Lazlow and even assaulting and even urinating on him.

Anita Mendoza: The female judge who approves of Hugh's insults at Lazlow and considers it as british humor. Anita mentions that Lazlow slept with an overweight women in exchange for putting her through to the finals. Lazlow initially denies this before later confirming it.

Imran Shinowa: The third judge member who also hates Lazlow.


William: A singer who looks like Jezz Torrent and even sings one of his solos. The Judges initially insult William after his performance but after Lazlow begs everyone to do something controversial to get ratings, they vote William "fame". Hugh then asks William to attack Lazlow, which he does.


  • Jezz Torrent is mentioned during one performance where it is revealed that Jezz had done some solo songs. The mention of Jezz is yet again another call back to 3D Universe, which is in different continuity to the HD Universe.

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