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Fame or Shame (mission)

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You may be looking for the TV program, Fame or Shame.

"She's my daughter, I'll handle it."
"Judging by past behavior, and the state of the rest of your family, fuck only knows what that means."

Fame or Shame is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V for protagonist Michael De Santa with the help of Trevor Philips.


At the De Santa family residence, Michael is arguing with Amanda and Jimmy about Michael's emotional distance from the family and his change in behavior. Suddenly, Trevor shows up at the house, greeting everyone and specially his best friend Michael, who is shocked by Trevor's arrival; Michael was convinced that Trevor was dead.

Trevor soon notices that Tracey is not in the house. Jimmy says she is auditioning for the Fame or Shame talent show. Michael and Trevor drive to the Maze Bank Arena, where they find Lazlow Jones about to present Tracey to the show's three judges. Tracey begins her performance and Lazlow joins in, dancing erotically with Michael's daughter. Michael is furious and breaks up the audition. Lazlow flees the arena with Michael and Trevor in pursuit.

Michael and Trevor emerge to find their car towed away, so hijack a tractor trailer to chase Lazlow who attempts to escape in a Dilettante. Michael and Trevor follow Lazlow through Los Santos, eventually cornering him when his car's battery runs out in the Los Santos Storm Drain. Trevor forces Lazlow to dance without his pants on and warns him not to touch Tracey again. Lazlow agrees and runs away.

Mission objectives

  • Go to the Maze Bank Arena.
  • Go inside.
  • Chase after Lazlow.
  • Get in the truck.


  • The song Tracey dances to in her Fame or Shame audition is "Give It to Me Baby" by Rick James.
  • This is the first time Lazlow is seen in person. In previous games he was a radio personality on stations such as Integrity in GTA IV and V-Rock in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
  • This can be started by either Trevor or Michael.
  • If the player switches to Michael after the mission Friends Reunited, this mission automactilly starts.


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