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The logo, circa 1984.

Fast-Forward In Vehicle Audio is a business in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Apparently, in 1986, the company does not exist anymore, due to newer audio formats. Their possible flagship store is in The Vice Point Mall.


Fastforward ad

1984 Fast-Forward advertisement.

  • Male VO: Here at Fast Forward In-Vehicle Audio car we accompany music in the future! For some time now have the intellectual music-loving motorists realized that the future of music is the AUDIO CASSETTE.


  • Male VO: Fast-Forward rewinds again and again.


  • Male VO: It's the Fast Forward promise and will apply from today. No cash, full credit, just a 3.55 percent annual percentage rate! Especially for people who want high-quality mix tapes, which really have a message. We were the first company, the hi-fi chrome cassettes metal has offered. It will never skip or scratch, tear, or melt! A unique small price brings you the future today.


  • Male VO: Fast-Forward! The future belongs to you, if you can afford it. Come to Fast-Forward In-Vehicle Audio today!

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