The following is the walkthrough of the Fender Ketchup mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


There are many ways to intimidate Johnny Sindacco when driving in a Feltzer, with Johnny himself who is tied into the hood of the car. Unlike many other missions, Carl is completely left to his own devices for this mission, with no set route, or time limit.

There is one exception: Carl must stay off the Julius Thruway, and cannot even cross it on an overpass, otherwise a three-star wanted level is attained. In other words, Carl's "interrogation" of Johnny can only be conducted in the area of Las Venturas bordered by the ring road. (There appears to be no prohibition on using the similar Harry Gold Parkway, however, as long as you exit before reaching the highway at either end.)

Driving fast around the road may have 15% chance of intimidating Johnny, while handbrake turns are also better when driving at high speeds. Also driving on the wrong side of the road will unsettle him, according to the game instructions. Insane stunts may have 30% chance of intimidating Johnny. However, you need to avoid crashing into other vehicles or pedestrians around the streets, or walls and barracades, as Johnny can be killed in a head-on collision (however minor fender benders and collisions with breakaway lamposts and fences, however, appear to do no harm). The concern about crashing into a wall is particularly relevant if you attempt an insane or even unique stunt jump with Johnny on your car and there's anything in your way when you land.

According to the BradyGames guidebook, since you by now have access to airport runways, a good place to scare Johnny without concern for traffic is the Las Venturas International Airport. The gate (located just north of the terminal and for some reason marked as a parking entrance) will open for you and give you access to the runway area, which includes several jump locations and plenty of room to speed and do handbrake turns.

Regardless where you go, keep doing this until the Scare-O Meter is full and Johnny will tell Carl that he is with the Sindacco Family. After this, drive back to the The Four Dragons Casino (being careful once again to avoid head-on collisions and other mishaps as Johnny must be returned to the casino alive). After a short cutscene, the mission is passed.

Note: during this mission, first person view is disabled.

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GTA San Andreas - ps2 - 78 - Fender Ketchup

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