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A Fidl outlet in GTA Liberty City Stories.

Fidl is a supermarket chain featured Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The chain is a spoof of Lidl, a Germany-based supermarket chain with outlets in Europe, and a play on the word fiddle, "fiddler" being slang for a rapist or pedophile and British slang for a masturbator. Fidl is also revealed in GTA Vice City Stories to be selling German products with sexually suggestive names.


The chain has very little significance in GTA Liberty City Stories, consisting of only one supermarket in Portland View, Portland, Liberty City, which is implied to be rebranded as a Supa Save! by the events in Grand Theft Auto III, set three years after 1998, GTA Liberty City Stories' timeline.

In GTA Vice City Stories, in the year of 1984, Fidl operates three stores in Vice City: two in Little Haiti and one in Washington Beach. Interiors of the store are also present. Like other stores that you can enter, robbing the shop can earn you a big sum of money (up to $250) by collecting it at the counter.

List of products (GTA Vice City Stories)

  • Bawbags (Scottish slang for testicles)
  • Bitch’n’ Dog Food
  • Blox
  • Candy Box
  • Cocks'n'Schwanzsuppe (German for Cocks'n'Cock Soup)
  • Cok O Pops
  • Deutsches Pimpernickel (German for German Screw Nickel instead of Deutsches Pumpernickel)
  • Dicke fleischige Dinger (German for Big'n'fleshy Things, which refers to cocks)
  • Dump Ice Cream Bar
  • Fresh Milk
  • Hrrme
  • Köck
  • Matahar Giza
  • Moist Rea Lenghts and Poads
  • Perversil (instead of Persil, perver ~ Perverser, means perv)
  • Release
  • Rote Regelgrütze (German for Red Period Grout)
  • Samenpudding (German for Semen Pudding)
  • Scrotum Coffee
  • Ungewaschene Käsestangen (German for Unwashed Cheese Straw)

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