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This walkthrough \ guide video shows a new Easter Egg that can be triggered after collecting the 7 golden peyotes which allow you to play as the Sasquatch and unlock the "Wild Animal" actor (both Bigfoot and the Beast) in Director Mode - Watch the gameplay video of the Beast here:

You first need to: - Complete the game 100% - Complete the Strangers & Freaks mission "The Last One" - Collect all 27 Peyote Plants. You can collect them all using Franklin, Michael or Trevor.

The golden peyotes spawn in 7 different locations around San Andreas from 5:30 to 8:00 AM only with weather set to Foggy or Snow. You can use cheats or PC trainers to change the weather.

Collect all the golden Peyote Plants in order from Sunday to Saturday and you will see the Sasquatch spawning near a dead animal or NPC - a rabbit, a deer, a crashed vehicle, a boar, a mountain lion, a biker and at last the Sasquatch Hunter from the mission "The Last One".

During these hallucinations, press CTRL on the keyboard or L3 on the gamepad to make the Bigfoot grunt. You will hear a growl in the distance that will guide you towards the next golden peyote. After collecting the last peyote, do NOT end the hallucination. Press CTRL or L3 to make the Bigfoot grunt and follow the Beast's growl in the distance.

You will find a maximum of 9 events (dead NPCs, dead animals or a crashed car). The number of bodies that the game wants you to find and the path are completely random. Eventually the growls will take you to the last body at the Thomson Scrapyard - the airplane graveyard in Blaine County. Here you will confront the Beast.

If you kill the Beast, you will be able to use it in Director Mode by selecting the "Wild Animal" and pressing L3+R3 on console or Left Shift+CTRL on PC.

Thanks to Xaymar, Lord Galehaut, walkeronline, Mozmachine, NIC779, Ganjatobi and the subreddit “/r/chiliadmystery” for finding this. Subreddit - Open investigation -

Check out the complete guide for all Peyote Plants to collect in GTA 5:


0:49 - Golden Peyote Plant #1 - Sunday Peyote 2:21 - Golden Peyote Plant #2 - Monday Peyote 3:21 - Golden Peyote Plant #3 - Tuesday Peyote 5:04 - Golden Peyote Plant #4 - Wednesday Peyote 6:31 - Golden Peyote Plant #5 - Thursday Peyote 8:09 - Golden Peyote Plant #6 - Friday Peyote 9:39 - Golden Peyote Plant #7 - Saturday Peyote 14:05 - The Bigfoot versus the Beast


● Animal Lover - Enter Director Mode as an unlocked animal actor for the first time. ● Cryptozoologist - Unlock all the animals.


Video recorded on: PC


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