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"Hey Lenny! Mikhail Faustin don't like you no more."
Niko Bellic

Final Destination is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko Bellic by Mikhail Faustin.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:



Niko will meet Mikhail and Dimitri at Perestroika in Broker. Mikhail wants Niko to take out someone he suspects of being a rat, Lenny Petrovic. Dimitri will try to dissuade Mikhail, but he will not listen. As Niko drives towards Lenny's location in Bohan, Mikhail will call Niko, telling him Lenny is at the Guantanamo Ave. train station. After the call from Mikhail, the player can call Dimitri, and Niko will ask if he should go through with the hit. Dimitri, after disguising the call from Mikhail, says he can't call the order off, despite his disagreement with Mikhail.

If the player climbs to the platform, Niko will confront Lenny, telling him that Mikhail doesn't like him anymore. Lenny will try to run away, crossing over the train tracks (or simply get off the platform by stair, if Niko climbs to the opposite platform), while his friend attacks Niko with an Micro SMG.

If Lenny gets off the platform, he will get in his Banshee and drive away, and so the player will have to chase him in a vehicle. You can use Micro SMG to do the drive-by attack, or destroy his car by force him crash on other vehicles or buildings.

It is possible to kill Lenny before he gets off the platform or in his car. Otherwise, if planned not take a chance to chase and kill Lenny by foot before he get in his Banshee, it is better turn around and get down by the stair which you from, to avoid the attacks of Lenny's friend.

Another way to kill Lenny without calling his attention is for the player to enter a nearby building and climb to the rooftop. From the rooftop, he will be close enough for a headshot with most weapons. A player may even try using Molotov Cocktails for an added challenge. Killing the target from a distance will result in the confrontation cutscene not playing.

A third way to kill Lenny without going after him in a car chase, is to block the stairs on the other station with a vehicle. When he gets to the end of the stairs, he will continuously try to run over to his Banshee, but the blocking car will stop him, giving the player ample time to kill Lenny. If the stairs are blocked perfectly by literally driving into the tunnel, he may even turn around and run back up to Niko which makes the kill even easier. Also it is possible use any vehicle blocks the alleyway after the cutscene if Niko fast enough.

It is possible to complete this mission neither attack nor car crash. Let Lenny get in his Banshee and keep chasing him behind, until he bumps too many time and catch on fire (especially trapped in a gas station). It doesn't count as Niko's Kills in the Statistics, but no different dialogue nor storyline by this way.

If Lenny makes it to his home at southern Broker, the mission is failed.

Once Lenny is dead, Dimitri will call Niko, telling him he just killed the son of a powerful Russian gangster, Kenny Petrovic, to which Niko will respond he was only doing what Faustin told him to do.

Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 17 - Final Destination (1080p)06:15

GTA 4 - Mission 17 - Final Destination (1080p)



Mission epilogue

Niko calls Dimitri, who explains that he just killed the son of the Mafia boss Kenny Petrovic. Dimitri says he will try to help clear Niko of this as he was tricked by Faustin.

Roman will send you a message asking you to meet someone at the cab depot.


  • $500


  • The mission's title is a reference to the horror movie series of the same name.
  • Driving along the tracks will not spook Lenny.
  • The dialogue during the cutscene varies depending on which platform you approached Lenny from.
  • When Niko enters the club with Dimitri, a patron informs him that he has "taken care of this thing for him". This is a reference to the movie Goodfellas, in the scene where Henry Hill (Liotta) first walks around the club introducing people.
  • There is an SMG to be picked up if you jump down to the roof below the southern end of the station where Lenny is killed. It is a good chance to acquire a powerful weapon early in the game.
  • In the "Move up, ladies" trailer, Niko is seen wearing a suit from Perseus but there are only two Perseus clothing stores in Liberty City, in Algonquin. By which the bridges connecting to Broker/Dukes to Algonquin is still blocked off. Maybe in the Beta version, there were Perseus shops in Broker and Dukes, or Algonquin would have been unlocked before this mission.
  • The target's Banshee has a small chance of not spawning if the player kills him from an adjacent rooftop. 
  • On the way to Bohan Niko can call Dimitri asking him if "he should do it", to that Dimitri replies "do what you need to do".
  • There's always a Vincent parked across the street.
  • Both exit of stairs have a Banshee parked nearby, but the car can't be stealed or hijacked by Niko within the mission.

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