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The Republic of Finland, more commonly known simply as Finland, is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. The capital and largest city of Finland is Helsinki. Finland borders Sweden, Norway and Russia, and is connected to multiple other nations through the Baltic Sea. In terms of area, Finland is the eighth largest country in Europe and the most sparsely populated country in the European Union.

References in the Grand Theft Auto series

  • Tom Tammi is a Finnish-American actor who voiced the former Secretary of Security Enforcement Bobby Jefferson in Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • The San Andreas Flight School Update added a Finland Chute Bag in GTA V.
  • Last Team Standing Update added a Finnish flag design along with the update in GTA V.
  • Galaxy Super Yacht can be personalized with a Finnish rear flag in GTA V.
  • In GTA V, Trevor's phone resembles a Windows Phone - possibly a Nokia Lumia 820. Nokia is a Finnish mobile phone manufacturer.
  • Martin Madrazo's house, which appears in GTA V, was constructed by a French architect named Tueton for his Finnish mistress during either the 1950s or 1960s.
  • Molotov Cocktails have appeared in every GTA game since GTA 2. The name Molotov Cocktail was coined by Finnish soldiers during the World War II. The name is an insulting reference to Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov who claimed the Soviets were dropping bread baskets - instead of bombs - upon Finland. The Finns then claimed they were serving a drink to go with the food - and named their petrol bomb Molotov Cocktail.
  • Throughout the GTA series, references to saunas are made. Thomas Stubbs appears in The Lost and Damned sitting in a sauna. Modern sauna culture is originally from Finland, and the word sauna is an ancient Finnish word.