The Fire Extinguisher is a usable item in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, an unusable item in Grand Theft Auto IV and a cut item from Grand Theft Auto V.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

As its name implies, its primary function is to extinguish fires, although it can also be used as a weapon. The fire extinguisher featured in GTA San Andreas is based on the most common real-world type, the dry chemical stored pressure design. With the exception of certain missions, the fire extinguisher features an ammunition counter, which can be depleted, similar to weaponry.

Upon use, this item looses a stream of its extinguishing agent, ironically similar to the Flamethrower. Putting out a flame requires 2-3 seconds of focused extinguishing; the player must aim at the base of the fire to permanently put it out.

The Fire Extinguisher can also be used to attack civilians; spraying at someone will disorient them for several seconds, preventing them from attacking or fleeing. Minimal damage is dealt, but the Fire Extinguisher can kill a person after prolonged use.

Except for certain missions requiring the use of this item to get through burning buildings, it is otherwise relatively useless. After finishing the firefighter missions, it becomes redundant as the player is immune to fire damage. The Fire Extinguisher can be found in the kitchens of fast food restaurants such as Burger Shot and The Well Stacked Pizza Co., as well as various outdoor locations throughout San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto IV

It is only seen as a static prop. They can be found on the walls of some buildings and when shot, will fall to the ground and spray out foam for a short time. This foam does not have any effect on the player. This can only be done once on each fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers can mostly be found on the corners of the Libertonian, with one spawning on each corner.

Grand Theft Auto V


The fire extinguisher can be used by firefighters as a weapon.

The fire extinguisher returns once more in Grand Theft Auto V. However, the player can no longer use it by normal means. The fire extinguisher can be seen in the hands of firefighters to extinguish fires. If the player initiates combat with the firefighters while they are holding the fire extinguisher, the firefighters will use the extinguisher as a weapon and spray it over the player. The extinguisher cannot harm the player, so the firefighters will most likely get defeated.

Originally, the fire extinguisher was meant to be a usable weapon, but was cut from the final version. The player can still use it if they use a trainer to spawn it. Much like the firemen's version, it doesn't deal damage at all, though it will still scare pedestrians off and may even result in a wanted level. Oddly, it is in the Thrown slot of the weapons wheel. It has no HUD icon and can share the HUD icon of the next Thrown slot weapon, such as sharing the HUD icon with the Jerry Can. The fire extinguisher has no first person model.

Like in GTA IV, extinguishers also appear as static props. They can be either a dry chemical or water-based version. When shot, they will spray out water/gas for a short period of time.



Fire Extinguisher's locations map

The following is a list of locations where the fire extinguisher spawns in San Andreas.

Los Santos

San Fierro

Las Venturas


  • Outside the small gas station in Whetstone, adjacent to the 24/7 along the main highway, just southeast of Angel Pine.

Bone County


GTA: San Andreas

  • Killing pedestrians with the extinguisher will result in blood spewing out of their body, as if they were killed by firearms or melee weapons. People that die of suffocation usually do not bleed in real life. The same thing also applies to the Spray Can and Tear Gas.
  • Using a fire extinguisher in public can attract police attention, even when it's used properly to put out fires.


  • On the label of the Grand Theft Auto V rendition of the fire extinguisher, the refilling company (presumably also the manufacturer of the extinguisher) is humorously named "Burn Alive Limited".
  • Since The San Andreas Flight School Update, firefighters sometimes use their mounted water cannon instead of extinguishers.