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Rail yard

The location in Firefly Projects

The Firefly Projects Rail Yard is a small yard off the Broker Line, located in Firefly Projects. It is found at the end of Ringo Street which connects to Mohegan Avenue. It is just north-west of the Broker - Dukes Expressway intersection.


The siding comes off the main subway track, just before the Hove Beach Station. Next to the highway, it comes down to ground level, but is protected from stray cars by a metal fence and yellow bars low to the ground. Many lines branch off into the train shed, but more continue to a siding. Here a flatbed car and an oil holder are parked. There is also an engine wash, but the entrance is barred of with a gate. It appears to be a Car Wash, but with a track instead of a road. The yard does not look abandoned, and could still be used in operation by the Liberty City Subway, although trains are never found working here, nor are there any pedestrians who appear. On the road nearby, many gang members spawn, and can attack the protagonist if provoked. Some large buildings appear on the site, but they are smashed and, unlike the actual railyard, seem to be abandoned. A large building overhangs the yard. Across the road there is an abandoned piece of land, full of car wrecks and an old shed with no walls.

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