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F!ZZ intertitle

""From Vinewood to Liberty City. If a celebrity eats it, drinks it, pukes it or snorts it, Fizz! is always there"."

Fizz! (stylized as F!ZZ) is a celebrity gossip show that appears on the TV and Radio (on WKTT) in Grand Theft Auto IV. It was also featured in one of the trailers for The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Fizz! features hot topics such as Chloe Parker, Tony McTony and Miranda Cowan. It is hosted by Jane Labrador, Marcel LeMuir (a "fat, gay and bitchy!" stereotype) and Jeffron James. Reporter Susan Retriever is also mentioned.

Radio Show

The show that appears on WKTT in GTA IV has two parts; i.e., two episodes. The topics discussed on each show are as follows:

Episode 1

  • The hosts talk about the film Dragon Brain including a brief chat with child star Christopher Tibbuts. Chris enthusiastically discusses picking up a drug habit and arrogant attitude from his director, and even being molested by adult actor Owen McBarbine, who plays the wizard in the film. The reporters also mention an actor named Clyde Letter, who had recently killed a family father in one of his several DWIs.
  • Marcel and Jane interview '80s synthpop star Migellin.
  • The hosts talk to comedian Ricky Gervais about his experiences in America, The Relax Power X Motorized Scooter and the recent DUI arrest of Cloe Parker.

Episode 2

  • The hosts talk about theater actress Gloria Unsworth and her show Middleage being cancelled
  • The hosts address the issue of "indecent performances" at the Perestroika Club in Hove Beach including a reaction to this criticism from the club's MC.
  • The hosts talk about the tragic death of actor Wayne Tearson, weeping at first but eventually condemning his fashion sense out of jealousy of his success, which they call the "whole premise of this show!"
  • Jane chats to comedian Katt Williams at a public protest about the price of drugs in the city.
  • The hosts talk about illusionist Brian Vesuvius and his latest stunt: making his junk disappear between his legs and an upcoming stunt whereby he plans to shrink his head to half its size.
  • The hosts talk to nightclub mogul Larissa Slalom about a new nightclub she plans to open in Liberty City.


Episodes from Liberty City Video - FIZZ TV Presents The Nightlife of Liberty City

Episodes from Liberty City Video - FIZZ TV Presents The Nightlife of Liberty City


  • "Fizz!" is a play on the word "fizz drink," a slang term for a soda pop.