The safe in GTA Vice City during The Job.

The Flange 9000 is a safe that can be found at the El Banco Corrupto Grande in Vice City


Very little is known about the safe or its design. According to Cam Jones, the safe appears to be heavily reinforced as it "could take hours to crack". The safe is also fitted with a time lock and key code.

Appearances in missions

The safe only appears during the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission The Job, when Tommy Vercetti, Cam Jones, Hilary King and Phil Cassidy rob the bank. When Tommy and Cam arrive at the safe, Cam finds it is heavily reinforced and suggests Tommy finds the manager in order to unlock the safe. When Tommy returns with the manager, he explains that it is fitted with a time lock, though Cam mentions that he can bypass it and then he'll need the manager's key code. Tommy returns to check on the hostages but the S.W.A.T. teams arrive, leading to a shootout. During the shootout, Cam informs Tommy that he has opened the safe and the gang escape the bank and return to Cam's hideout with the money.

Before and during this mission, the elevator leading up to the safe is closed and it makes no further appearances in the game.