Not to be confused with Flare Gun

The Hawk & Little Flare is a throwable item featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The Flare is used to mark an area for Merryweather Airstrikes. The player can easily keep the flare if they don't throw it and let the Merryweather jet fly away.

The flare can be also found on sites of Crate Drops either in red or yellow colours, but cannot be picked up and used by the player.


  • Can be obtained by calling Merryweather Airstrike in GTA Online.


In game

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  • The flare can be thrown into the back of some open back vehicles, like the Sandking or the Sadler. What makes this particularly unusual is that this only happens occasionally, and the flare stays in the back of the truck, instead of glitching its way out.