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For another item with a similar name, see Flare.
"Use to signal distress or drunken excitement. Warning: pointing directly at individuals may cause spontaneous combustion. Part of Heists."
— Social Club Description

The Flare Gun is a weapon in Grand Theft Auto Online. It was added in the Heists Update.


The Flare Gun appears to be based on the Orion Brand Flare Gun with some inspiration from the British Very Pistol from World War I. Its base colour is red and fires red flares, similar to common flare guns in real-life.


The Flare Gun has a single-shot capacity similar to that of the Grenade Launcher from Episodes from Liberty City. It can burn pedestrians and enemies, like the Molotov Cocktail, though only with direct hit or the target stepping on the burning flare. A well placed flare can cause vehicles to explode if the flare is shot near the tire, as the flare would ignite the tire.

The color of the flare is affected by different tints the player puts on the weapon. In the description below, the term capsule refers to the bright cyclical object which emits the smoke after the flare has been fired.


Rounds & magazine GTA V GTA Online (Unlock)
Rounds (1) N/A $100 (The Humane Labs Raid)
Black (red smoke, light red capsule) N/A Default
Army (light brown smoke, white capsule) N/A $5000
Green (light green smoke, white capsule) N/A $7500
Orange (orange smoke and capsule) N/A
LSPD (dark blue smoke, white capsule) N/A $5750
Pink (pink smoke, bright pink capsule) N/A $7500
Gold (gold smoke, bright gold capsule) N/A $10000
Platinum (grey smoke, white capsule) N/A $12500

The various colors change the effectiveness of the flares, as some are brighter than others. For example, the army, green, LSPD and platinum tints have much darker smoke than the others at night, meaning that it is harder to see the smoke from the flare from a distance. The pink flare is arguably the brightest colour, followed by the orange, gold and default tints.


First person


  • The Flare Gun's weapon icon and render was originally found in files for The San Andreas Flight School Update.
  • Trevor Philips mentions that he once killed a man by shooting his eyes with a flare gun shortly after meeting Michael for the first time.
  • The Manhunt series also features a Flare Gun, which, contrary to this one, is extremely lethal, but ammunition is very rare.


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