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Flash FM is a Vice City radio station hosted by DJ Toni that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. In 1984 Toni was accompanied by another DJ, Teri. Flash FM plays pop music and is one of the favored radio stations of the Streetwannabe's. It is also played in the Vice City Bikers bar.

GTA Vice City playlist

GTA Vice City Stories playlist


  • It is technically not possible that the song Together in Electric Dreams could be broadcasted on Flash FM in 1984. Although the song certainly was released in 1984, this was only true in the UK. It wasn't officially released in the United States, where Vice City is set, until 1988, 4 years after Vice City Stories.


Flash FM FULL HQ59:48


GTA VC Flash Fm

Grand Theft Auto VCS Flash FM (UNCUT) DOWNLOAD LINK!!!!!01:04:51

Grand Theft Auto VCS Flash FM (UNCUT) DOWNLOAD LINK!!!!!

GTA VCS Flash Fm

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