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Flashback FM, also known as Flashback 95.6, is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto III, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. In GTA III, the DJ is Toni, who also appeared as a DJ in Flash FM in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. However, in GTA Liberty City Stories, the DJ is Reni Wassulmaier, a character who also appeared in GTA Vice City Stories.

Both incarnations of this station play music almost exclusively by Giorgio Moroder. The GTA III playlist is notable as all of the songs featured are from the Scarface movie soundtrack, a film that has been cited by the developers as a significant influence on the game. Toni's name is possibly a further reference to the movie, as the lead character's name is Tony Montana.

In GTA III it has also been noted that on some if not all versions of the game Toni is saying "This reminds me of waking up on the Duran Duran tour bus' and just as she begins to say 'Duran Duran' the audio cuts out for a second and picks up again at 'Tour Bus', this could just be a bug, but chances are. It was removed on purpose.

GTA III Playlist

  • Radio DJ- Toni
  • Type of music- 1980's music (Scarface soundtrack)
  • Giorgio Moroder + Debbie Harry - "Rush Rush"
  • Giorgio Moroder + Elizabeth Daily - "Shake It Up"
  • Giorgio Moroder + Paul Engemann - "Scarface (Push It To The Limit)"
  • Giorgio Moroder + Amy Holland - "She's On Fire"
  • Giorgio Moroder + Elizabeth Daily - "I'm Hot Tonight"

GTA Liberty City Stories Playlist

  • Giorgio Moroder - "I Wanna Rock You"
  • Giorgio Moroder - "E=MC²"
  • Giorgio Moroder - "From Here to Eternity"
  • Giorgio Moroder - "Chase"
  • Giorgio Moroder - "First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love"
  • Giorgio Moroder - "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone"


  • In GTA III this is the Colombian Cartel's second favorite radio station, however in GTA Liberty City Stories this is the Triads' favourite radio station.
  • Most of the songs on the station (except "Push It To The Limit") have a similar tempo.
  • The radio station's designation is totally fictitious, as FM radio stations in the United States only have an odd number (1,3,5,7 or 9) after the decimal point.



Grand Theft Auto III - Flashback FM - (No Commercials)15:53

Grand Theft Auto III - Flashback FM - (No Commercials)

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Liberty City Stories Radio Stations 8 - Flashback FM (Flashback 9529:02

GTA Liberty City Stories Radio Stations 8 - Flashback FM (Flashback 95.6)

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