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For the mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, see Flatliner.

"I raised that kid like he was my own. I beat him like he was my own son! When my son killed himself, Anthony became my son. Now this? The world is a cunt!"
Jimmy Pegorino

"Flatline" a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, given to the protagonist Niko Bellic by Jimmy Pegorino

Mission objectives


Niko standing in front of the locker room, where the scrubs are located.

In order to complete the mission, the player must:

  • Go to the hospital.
  • Enter unarmed.
  • Figure out a way to get access to Anthony and silence him.
  • Get out quickly and discreetly.
  • Lose your wanted level.


In this mission for Jimmy Pegorino, Niko finds out that Anthony Corrado, Pegorino's best guard, was wearing a wire and working for the government. He needs Niko to silence Corrado (who was taken to a maximum security hospital after a heart attack caused by Pegorino's outrage over a phone call).

He was transported to Westdyke Memorial Hospital. Police officers are guarding the area outside Anthony's room, and will attack Niko if he passes them. To prevent this, Niko can steal a doctor's uniform and pass by unsuspected, causing the bedside witness to leave Niko alone with Anthony and the police officers to allow him to pass. If the player wants to execute him, he/she should point a gun at him and shoot him. This will draw the FIB's attention - making for a difficult escape.

Alternatively, the player can approach the life support machine and deactivate it. Niko will say something like "Go to sleep, Anthony" as his life fades away. After that, Niko walks out of the ER room. Shortly after, Corrado is found dead by the FIB, and Niko is blamed. The player then is prompted to clear his wanted level in order to complete the mission.


Liberty Tree Newspaper

"A state's witness under heavy guard by both the LCPD and the FIB has been killed in the Westdyke Memorial Hospital. The witness Anthony Corrado had been expected to testify against suspected Alderney mob boss Jimmy Pegorino."

"A source close to the mob tells us that the witness's death is a big blow to the state's case against Pegorino, "Anthony was Jimmy P's personal bodyguard. If he took to the stand there wasn't no chance of Jimmy seeing daylight ever again. Now, they're screwed." The District Attorney, however, has other ideas, "We're working hard to put a case together against these lowlifes. Mr. Corrado was just one piece of the puzzle, albeit an important one." Corrado had been in the custody of the state for over a week. It is thought that the stress of betraying Pegorino and his cohorts was too much for him as he suffered a heart attack soon after agreeing to testify. Police are searching for the hitman and any possible links between the murder of their witness and Jimmy Pegorino."



Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 82 - Flatline (1080p)05:23

GTA 4 - Mission 82 - Flatline (1080p)


The reward for completion of the mission is $13,000 and the mission "Pest Control" is unlocked.


  • Before entering the hospital, have your getaway vehicle parked right in front of the hospital, facing south. A fast car with good handling be the better choice.
  • It is possible to complete this mission quickly by assaulting the hospital guns ablaze. However, the LSPD response time will be faster by the time the player is leaving the hospital, with higher risk to have police vehicles waiting outside, not to mention that killing officers will raise the wanted level significantly, therefore, making escape a lot harder.
  • The disguise approach is a lot safer, giving a head start to the player to walk out from the hallway before the guards notice the dead body (the player shouldn't run until the dialogues of the officers reveal that Anthony is dead). From there is easier to just run out from the hospital, ignoring the cops in the main hall and run quickly to the getaway vehicle. The response time from police vehicles will be a lot slower therefore, providing Niko an easier way to reach Pay'n'Spray without being chased.
  • There's an accessible hospital room to the left of you before heading out to the lobby. Walk into there before entering the lobby. The automatic wanted level will still show up and wait for the cops to enter the room and shoot them. They will come in one by one. This makes leaving the hospital much easier.
  • After gaining the automatic wanted level, an easy way to lose the cops is to get into the getaway vehicle and drive south directly to the nearby Pay 'n' Spray, since if you enter without the police noticing, you will be able to end the mission quickly.
    • If the player hasn't killed any police officers, they should have only 2 stars of Wanted Level, allowing for easy escape.


  • Taking the doctor's outfit may have been inspired by the Hitman series, as well as the fact that there is a mission called "Flatline" in Hitman: Blood Money, where Agent 47 can take a doctor's outfit and has to kill three patients in a hospital without drawing attention from the guards.
  • It is possible to interact with the front desk nurse before heading to the ER area.
  • If the player chooses to wear the doctor's outfit, it will be added to their wardrobe.
  • If you try to go to Anthony's room without the scrubs, the police officers will aim at you and tell you that the room is off limits. However, if you put on the scrubs and return after doing that, one of the officers will say something like "I just saw you a second ago. If you're a doctor, I'm the Pope." and you will get the two-star wanted level.
  • An easier way to silence Anthony is to pull the wire out of the heart rate monitor by walking up to it, however, the FIB agents will still come after you upon discovering he's dead.
  • The manner in which you kill Anthony is reminiscent to the movie The Godfather, where the drug baron Virgil Sollozzo sends hitmen to assassinate an injured Vito Corleone whilst he is being treated in the hospital.
  • The "source" close to the mob might be Phil Bell, due to him calling Pegorino "Jimmy P".


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