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Flint County, San Andreas

Flint County is a heavily forested region of San Andreas, which appears in in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Flint County comprises the southwestern portion of the map, and is connected to the remaining land masses by numerous bridges. To the east of Flint County is Los Santos and Red County, while to the north is San Fierro. Flint County is the least populated area in the state of San Andreas with a estimated population of 31 yet is is one of the largest countys in the state.

Events in GTA San Andreas

After a while of spending time in the countryside, Frank Tenpenny shows up again in Angel Pine, in the U Get Inn Motel, this time to introduce Carl Johnson to The Truth, a pot-growing hippie that provides illicit narcotics to the corrupt C.R.A.S.H. officers. Carl, ordered by Tenpenny to pay The Truth the cash that is owed to him for a recent transaction, is indentured into service to The Truth in order to pay off the "debt". His first task is to steal a combine harvester from a group of right-wing fanatics occupying The Farm in northern Flint County, and return it to The Truth. Then, after a long period of time, Carl must assist The Truth in destroying a large crop of marijuana that has been spotted by the authorities. Immediately after destroying the crops and shooting down the patrolling helicopter, the two men head for San Fierro in The Truth's Mothership, with three tons of marijuana in tow, opening the next chapter in the storyline.



A Flint County sunrise


  • The whole land of Flint County looks like the upper body of a woman, this is easily seen when you look at the map.
  • There are many myths that have been reported in various parts of the county, such as Bigfoot and Piggsy.

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