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Flint County Safehouse

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The Flint County Safehouse


An interior view

Name: Flint County Safehouse
Price: $100,000
Location: Atop the large hill southwest of The Farm, and northwest of Leafy Hollow.
Garages: No
Helipad: No
Stories: 1
Interior Appointments: Modest
Previous Possessor: Unknown
Info: No


  • Despite its high cost (it's one of only three safehouses to cost six figures), the Flint County Safehouse is virtually useless as a safehouse, given its difficult-to-access rural location, and absence of any garage (it is the only one of the three to lack this amenity).
  • This safehouse doesn't have a garage but a Sadler, Tractor, Walton and Sanchez can usually be found on the property.

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