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View of Flint Range to the north in GTA San Andreas. Helena Wankstein's barnhouse is located to the left.

Flint Range is a small farm in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in Flint County, San Andreas.


Flint Range Map

Flint Range location

Flint Range encompasses exclusively of farmland, including three fields to the northwest, northeast and southeast, and a farmhouse in the center. The farmland is presumably owned by Helena Wankstein, who can be dated over the course of the game, as the player can meet her or "have some coffee" at the farmhouse.

Located nearby is an unnamed gas station, a RS Haul depot, and the Flint Intersection.

Stationary Vehicles

  • Bandito (Helena's car)
  • Combine Harvester (on the fields surrounding the farm, parked only at night)
  • Sadler (beside Helena's barn)
  • Tractor (on the fields surrounding the farm, parked only at night)



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