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For the shop in GTA San Andreas, see FLOWERS.

Flowers are a weapon and a gift featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Since the flowers can be used as a weapon by Carl Johnson, they unrealistically inflict slightly more damage than regular fist fighting. Strangely enough, flowers can easily blow up gas pumps in the gas stations.

Flowers can also be given to Carl's girlfriends as a gift and carrying them in the weapon inventory will cause the sex appeal level to rise.


Los Santos


Flint County

  • Behind the 69 Gas Station in the south of Flint County
  • At the end of a hairpin turn west of the Flint Intersection
  • In front of the gas station next to the RS Haul depot
  • On the Flint Intersection close to Los Santos
  • Between some trees, on top of a plateau, on the southeast side of a trail, at the end of a pointy rock

San Fierro

Tierra Robada

  • In front of the large house in the north of Bayside
  • By a home along a dirt road on the hill west of El Quebrados
  • Behind the Xoomer Gas Station in El Quebrados
  • In front of the plaque on the west side of Sherman Dam

Bone County

Las Venturas



  • In the gta3.img file(s), the Flower is called "flowera" suggesting that there may have been an alternative flower model, perhaps named "flowerb".