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'''FlyU6 '''is an airline in [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]]. It is only known because of [[FlyBoy]], who supposedly is an employee of FlyU6, who sent [[Huang Lee]] an email suggesting FlyU6 as an airline of choice.
==FlyBoy's email==
In the FlyBoy's email sent to Huang, FlyU6 is said to have teamed up with the [[NOOSE]], in order to give away free tickets to "rogue states" such as Afghanistan, [[Iraq]], Libya and nearby countries with all expenses paid.
However, in the last lines, he writes: "When booking, please note that FlyU6 will not sell-on your private details to criminals, hackers, or terrorists (outside of the US)."
The airline's motto is "Don't delay, book today."
*The name of this airline is very similar to the name of the [[FlyUS]], an airline featured in the [[HD Universe]], however, FlyU6 is not associated with [[FlyUS]] in any way.
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