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A flying rat in GTA IV.

Flying Rats are 200 collectible pigeons located all around Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV which Niko Bellic must find and either shoot, burn, blow up, or run down with a vehicle. The pigeons are generally found in out-of-the-way areas, but can be easily noticed by the distinctive cooing sound they make and the red glow they're highlighted with. Killing all 200 Flying Rats adds 2.5% to the game completed percentage and also unlocks an Annihilator helicopter on a helipad near Star Junction in Algonquin.

The in game website shows the location of the flying rats. Small dots are one flying rat, while large dots represent two or more. On Happiness Island, the large dot represents six flying rats.

One Flying Rat is not represented on the website. This one is located on the far west/south-west side of Alderney (the far left island), on a construction site.


Flying Rats 1
Flying Rats -2

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  • Despite the fact that the 200 flying rats gets the player an Annihilator, the helicopter hardly ever spawns if someone uses the window cleaning platform, and has a better chance of it spawning by using a helicopter to reach the top, which is extremely illogical, unless the player is using another kind of helicopter and wants to use the Annihilator.
  • "Flying rat" is a New York slang term for a pigeon.
  • If you are struggling with finding all the pigeons, try hunting at night. The low lighting provided by night makes the orange glow given off by the birds much more noticable.

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