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Forbes Waverly III is an uncaring and ruthless industrialist from Connecticut, although she moved to Vice City before 1984. She is involved in real estate and is interviewed by Maurice Chavez on VCPR in 1984. She comes to dislike Maurice as well as the two other panelists: Bryony Craddock (for having too many children and protesting the rights of the family) and Martin Graves. However, she does describe one of Bryony's children as a 'good kid' for watching the State of the Union Address and wanting to kill foreigners. She comes from a wealthy background and had six bathrooms of her own when she was a child. She wants de-regulation in industry, education to be privatised and for public funding to be withdrawn from the radio. She also wants to clear the slums and to sell tax free cigarettes. She is voiced by Melinda Wade.

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