Forrest Simon is a news reporter who works for the newspaper company, Daily Globe. He has written articles outlining such events as the high-speed gun battle in Father/Son, the death of sports extremist Dom Beasley and the death of Peter Dreyfuss


Article 1: Motorists on the Del Perro Freeway were thrown into a panic when a high-speed gun battle broke out between two vehicles, one of which was carrying a yacht.

What sparked the clash and the identity of the two groups of men involved is not yet known, but this leads us to our reader poll of the day: "Is a drive-by shootout over a luxury yacht a sign that Los Santos is in economic crisis, or out of economic crisis?"

Article 2: A hedge fund whiz kid was found dead earlier near the Land Act Dam, in an extreme sports stunt gone horribly wrong. Dom Beasley, according to his Lifeinvader page, was a base-jumping fantatic who had become addicted to chasing ever more dangerous highs, quite possibly to over-compenssate for his soulless existence in the banking industry and his lonely contribution to the human race. No parachute was found on Beasley's body, suggesting that he either jumped, was pushed, or was simply an idiot.

Article 3: Notorious Iconoclast Peter Dreyfuss has been found dead in an apparent vigilante hit after he was linked to the 1970s murder of a starlet. A reclusive and controversial genius, Dreyfuss enjoyed a career of spetacular highs and self inflicted lows. Now, he is dead and his reputation is in tatters after he was linked with the death of Leonora Johnson. Dreyfuss's movie career had been in hiatus for 30 years but he had apparently been preparing a comeback when rumors of a confession letter written by him to his former producer, the late David Richards, back to circulate. It seems this was enough for one vigilante who took matters into his own hands and killed Mr. Dreyfuss. We would write a longer obituary but until we know which of the rumors are true and which are false, we don't want to make fools of ourselves.