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The Fort Zancudo Fire Station is a fire station located inside the U.S. Air Force base, Fort Zancudo. The building consists of two control towers, two garages, three spaces for fire apparatuses and two satellites. Around the station are wooden pallets, cardboard boxes, pallet jacks, dumpsters, and strangely, a bicycle parking rack. 

The fire station is military-operated and used in case of an accident in Fort Zancudo.


  • On rare occasions, Fire Trucks can be seen responding to an emergency. They will drive down the side of the runways, doing a loop of the runway, and will not stop going around until the player leaves the area.
  • The firemen and Fire Trucks appear to be the exact same as the regular fire department, in real life, they would be an airport fire service. This would also apply to the fire department in LSIA. This is most likely a developer oversight.

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