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This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is not featured on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
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Fortified is a VIP Work featured in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the GTA Online: Import/Export.


Fortified starts by spawning in an Armored Boxville based on the CEO's location. The Organization must enter the Boxville to start protecting from any attackers. Occasionally, there will be 4 NPCs that spawn in 2 pairs of Fugitives or Buzzards equipped with Micro SMGs if the session is less populated. The Organization can also leave the Armored Boxville and defend on foot against attackers. The attackers, on the other hand, must destroy the Armored Boxville to complete the objective. This will indicate the health of the vehicle with a health bar displayed on the bottom right of the screen. If the health bar depletes completely, the vehicle will be fully destroyed, ending the VIP Work.


  • When playing solo, drive the Armored Boxville into the tunnels which makes it easier to protect from any other players or NPC. Proximity Mines are effective against players driving into the tunnels.
  • NPCs have low accuracy, allowing the players to easily kill them. In addition, they will not shoot at the Boxville unless they stand close to or get inside of it.
  • Staying away from the Armored Boxville (roughly 1 mile out of range,) prevents attacking NPCs from damaging the van due to them being out of rendering distance. However, this should only be done whenever there aren't opposing players, or within an invite only lobby.
  • For attackers, destroying an Armored Boxville requires a lot of explosives as the health of the Boxville is significantly high. Aircraft cannons are effective against Armored Boxville though they must risk getting shot by a gunner in the turret position. Tanks and APCs are another good option to use, though its slow speed would not keep up with the Armored Boxville. Heat-seeking Missiles is almost impossible to lock on at an Armored Boxville.


  • Fortified is considered one of the best solo payouts than any other VIP Work as it gives $35,000 every 10 minutes. Though a 30 minute cooldown time may start after the VIP Work, the timer can be reset by saving GTA Online then close out of GTA V to repeat this farming method.
  • NPCs can still locate the player inside the tunnel unless if they are not near the opening of the tunnel.
  • Tank cannons can instantly destroy the Armored Boxville if the vehicle is not occupied by the organization and firing directly at it, making it much quicker to complete the VIP Work.
  • If players do not enter the van or attack NPCs whatsoever, they will only receive $30,000.
    • Any Organization members who entered the Armored Boxville first may receive $35,000 and other members receive between $30,000 to $35,000 for defending the Armored Boxville.
  • Despite the mission having a strong emphasis on team work and defense, this mission can be started not only with one player in the organization, but it is also available with no rival players required, unlike other defensive missions such as Piracy Prevention.
  • Starting the VIP Work with other Associates or any other rival players will sometimes spawn the van close to the CEO.
  • If an organization abandons the Boxville by driving or flying away from further distances in a random vehicle, the VIP Work will fail.
  • The Armored Boxville is immune to explosives or constant gunfire unless they enter the vehicle or wait 3 minutes to start the VIP Work.