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Madd Dogg - Forty Dogg

Madd Dogg - Forty Dogg Album Cover

Madd Dogg - Forty Dogg (1993)

If Madd Dogg was mad on "Still Madd," then "Forty Dogg" could have been titled, "Even Madder Than on Still Madd." Fueled by the turmoil in his personal life (failed relationship with Rochell'le, defecting Doggy Boyz, and mounting debt), "Forty Dogg" forged new ground for Madd Dogg, as he explored a range of topics, from the pleasures of drunkenness ("Funkin' Forties") to the mind-opening benefits of weed ("Madd N A Haze"). The rest of the West quickly followed suit. This was his last great album, followed by the less-than-stellar "N.L.A.D.B. (Never Leave a Dog Behind)" in 1994. "Forty Dogg" was digitally remastered in 2003, to the delight of many fans.

Highlights: - "Madd Funk" - "Me and My Blunt" - "4 My Doggz" - "Alone with My Dogz" - "Doggz Need Luv"

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