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Today, I while messing around on GTA 4 on the Xbox, I decided to perform a shootout at the Grotti dealership near the Middle Park safe house. I block the stairway from the second floor with one of the showroom car preventing the police to gain access. Then from the second floor, I started to fire away at the window onto the street; nauturally obtaining one star, followed by two and three. I stated to shoot at the rear wheel of a couple police cruiser to set them on fire and took down a few NOOSE team. Four, five, then six stars arrived. Because of the trees, I was firing (with the Assault Rifle) blindly at whatever auto aim was locked on.

I was still on six stars for a bit, (a minute or so) then suddenly I saw the 6 stars flashed and returned to only three stars. Confused, I took one of the cars, drove out the window, and left the wanted circle. I tried to research why my wanted level dropped from 6 to 3 just like that. No cheats were used or saved in the game file nor did I used any phone calls. Is it possible that I shot at something that the game interpreted as 3-stars that change the higher wanted level? It didn't affect the gameplay but I was wondering if anyone can help explain what might have happened?

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