Probably not the right furom topic for this, but I am new to the site. I posted a trivia add on in the GTA San Andreas mission "Black Project" and have three pics I wouldl like to link to "keywords". Two are peds, a priest and a San Fierro prostitute. I also have used "Journey" an RV vehicle in the description  I can link the Journey to the gta wiki site, but the two peds (i should say any normal spawning, or cutscene only peds non-characters)  I cannot find them on the gta wiki site. I looked thur out the site, and even used the sites search.

I could use an external site but I am unsure if the link will remain, most times these links go bad. But I would like to keep the link contained to GTA Wiki. If need be I could create a page on wiki with pics and the "data file names" for future reference. I have played around with the game data files modding the game without adding or downloading mods so I do know the basics with data files. This way as long as GTA wiki is still up and running the pice and data file names will always be on here, and I do not need to add external links.

I would need help with that as well, I guess a start would be on the GTA San Andreas Page under the topic of "Game Information adding a link directing  you to a Peds page.  But I do not like just jumping in and upsetting the balance of a page, so I would like get opinions on this, or maybe if it exists and I am blind as a bat :)