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---They should use San Andreas again! Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, maybe with a mexican border and a small city based on Tijuana with drug cartels in it(with drug smuggling mini game)...Grove St. and Ballas should still be around along with new hispanic gangs modeled after real ones like 18th St., MS-13, Avenues, etc. , there should be Asian street gangs,outlaw motorcycle clubs that battle(based on Hells Angels and Mongols) and even small white skinhead/punk gangs in certain areas. Also, your character, when arrested, should actually go to a county jail, have a trial, build a criminal record, and depending on what they're convicted on, go to prisons (like Pelican Bay, San Quentin) ruled by prison gangs based on the Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerilla Family, etc. (All the SanFierro hispanic gangs would be run by a differnt prison gang like Nuestra Familia in real life, and they will battle the Los Santos gangs like real Surenos and Nortenos) i think prison riots and stabbings would be really intense. Prison would add a whole new element to the game.. and you could temporarily control your gang underling characters outside the prison through letters you send them, so you can do crimes on the street(depending on how much "respect" you have in your gang). It would be cool to have more than 1 playable character. (maybe 3?) like a black guy in Grove street, a white guy in a biker club, and a mexican dude in Varrio Azteca. and their stories could intertwine like a movie.. also full customization (tattoos, cars bikes, houses) and side activities like robberies, drug dealing, pimping, gun trafficking, etc. i know im leaving out a few ideas but what does everyone think?


I love the idea of insane prison riots. but i think the game should stick to the one character. I think every single one of the player abilities from GTA San Andreas should be brought back and then improved.

The whole prison thing and lots of the stuff you said sounds like Saints Row and SR 2. Also: "It would be cool to have more than 1 playable character. (maybe 3?) like a black guy in Grove street, a white guy in a biker club, and a mexican dude in Varrio Azteca" That sounds a lot like Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, and Luis Lopez's intertwining storylines, gotta come up with new stuff, plus GTA storylines are usually based on only one character the whole time, (hence why GTA IV, TLAD and TBoGT are seperate games). Thats just my opinion though. 6FTofDIRT 23:12, February 8, 2010 (UTCi think if they ever bring back co-op they should do it split screen and and both players can do missions and not just mess around i mean the second player should be of some use don't you think

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