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What are community bus routes?

A community bus route is where a community creates a fansite dedicated to running bus services both on and offline.

Main Fansites

Liberty Transit Authority (a.k.a. LTA) is the main website site which lists user-generated transit routes as well as bus and passenger information.

This website is a fansite, and is in no way affiliated or owned by Rockstar Games.

The community (Liberty Transit Authority "Operators") are able to view, discuss, and experience routes and drive them offline, online, and also during organized online bus driving experiences. .

The website was established and is maintained my Austin Winters (Autumn Winters).


The Liberty Transit Authority has a small online division which is currently being rolled out on both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. The online division is overseen by the management team at the LTA. For further information on driving with other operators online, contact Autumn Winters on Xbox Live, and either AutumnWinters or Killblade1228 on the Playstation Network. Alternatively, you can view the list of approved online operators who are looking for others to drive with.

The main mode of play is Free Mode. Routes are driven using the normal fleet and passengers can alight and depart at the drivers discretion. Management warns against driving routes on open servers with others who are not approved operators. Many times destruction is all that they are thinking of.


Fleet Comments
Brute 3000CC Used for LTA Routes
Declasse Moonbeam (Red) Used for Horizon Routes
Vapid Speedo Supervisors/Maintenance

Vehicles are strategically placed, and can be dispatched anywhere in the city.

Areas Used

All areas in the game are used these are Broker, Dukes, Bohan, Alqonquin and Alderny. Charge and Colony island are frequented also by bus services.

Buildings, Terminals, Garages (Depots) And a few places to go

Terminals are located throughout the city to help serve customers transferring from all points in Liberty City.

Terminals Location
Alderney Ferry Terminal Alderney Ferry Terminal (Asahara Rd. & Rand Ave.)
Broker Bus Terminal Below the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway (Munsee & Muntauk Aves)
Waterfront (Bus Lane Terminal) Located at Helicopter Tours & Pier 69 (Bus Lane)
Sing Sing Terminal North end of Dukes Bay Bridge (Sing Sing Ave)

Garages Location
Saratoga Garage Dukes Expressway & Saratoga Avenue

Headquarters Location
Liberty Transit Authority HQ Munsee Avenue & Earp Street (Across from Pizza Shop)



Francis International Airport

Broker Bus Terminal

Old Casino

Waterfront (Bus Lane Terminal)

Grand Easton Terminal

Sing Sing Terminal

Alderney State Correctional Facility

Alderney Ferry Terminal

Bus Lane

Francis international Airport

Happiness Island dock

Broker Navy Yard


A list of routes from the Liberty Transit Authority "Current Routes & Charters" page:

Route 1A~ (Lancaster) to (Bus Lane) Monday-Friday

Route 1S coming soon

Route 1X-coming soon

Route 2

Route 3 ~

Route 4 ~Grand ave
Route 5 ~
Route 6 ~Columbus
Route 7 ~
Route 8 ~
Route 9 ~
Route 10 ~ Freeway Express
Route 11 ~ Frankfort

Route 12(A)(E) ~ Columbus
Route 13 ~ Boardwalk
Route 14 ~
Route 15 ~
Route 16 ~
Route 17 ~
Route 18 ~
Route 19 ~ Exchange
Route 20 ~ Galveston
Route 21 ~ Star Junction
Route 22 ~ Albany
Route 23 ~ Vespucci Circus
Route 24 ~ Chinatown
Route 25(A) (B)~ Middle Park 25B FERRY TERMINAL TRANSFER
Route 26(A)(B) ~ Bismarck
Route 27 ~ Colony Island
Route 28(A)(B)(C)(E)(D)(N) ~ University
Route 29 ~ city circular (sunday only )
Route 30 ~ Delaware
Route 31 ~ Broker Wharf
Route 32 ~ Museum
Route 33(D) ~ Meadows Park
Route 34 ~ East Bohan
Route 35 ~ Charge Island
Route 36 ~ Franklin-Morris
Route 37 ~ Seneca
Route 38(A)(E) ~ Hove Beach
Route 39(L) ~ Willis & Willis Local
Route 40 ~
Route 41 ~
Route 42 ~
Route 43(A)(E) ~ Aspdin
Route 44 ~ Owl Creek
Route 45 ~
Route 46 ~
Route 47 ~
Route 48 ~
Route 49 ~
Route 50(A)(B)(C) ~ Bohan Local
Route 51 ~
Route 52 ~
Route 53 ~
Route 54 ~
Route 55 ~ South Bohan Route 56 ~
Route 57 ~ Charge Island Route 58 ~ San Quentin
Route 59 ~
Route 60 ~
Route 61 ~
Route 62 ~
Route 63 ~
Route 64 ~
Route 65 ~
Route 66 ~
Route 67 ~
Route 68 ~
Route 69 ~
Route 70(A)(B)(L) ~ Schottler Route 71 ~
Route 72 ~
Route 73 ~
Route 74 ~ Route 75 ~

Route 110 ~ Hotel Express
Route 117 ~ Docklands

Route 359 ~ Bohan Local

Route 704X ~ American Capitol



Subway Lines

Algonquin Outer Lines (A, J):

1. Manganese East

2. Quartz East

3. Vespucci Circus

4. Frankfort High- Transition Line To Bohan Lines (B,E) and Algonquin Inner Lines (C,K)

5. Frankfort Low- Transition Line To Bohan Lines (B,E) and Algonquin Inner Lines (C,K)

6. Vauxite

7. Quartz West

8. Manganese West

9. Hematite

10. Feldspar

11. Castle Gardens

12. Emerald

13. Easton- Transition Line To Algonquin Inner Lines (C,K)

Algonquin Inner Lines (C,K):

1. Frankfort High- Transition Line To Algonquin Outer Lines (A,J) and Bohan Lines (B,E)

2. North Park

3. East Park

4. Easton- Transition Line To Algonquin Outer Lines (A,J)

5. City Hall

6. Suffolk

7. Frankfort Avenue

8. West Park

9. Frankfort Low- Transition Line To Algonquin Outer Lines (A,J) and Bohan Lines (B,E)

Bohan Lines (B,E)

1. Frankfort High- Transition Line To Algonquin Outer Lines (A,J) and Algonquin Inner Lines (C,K)

2. San Quentin Avenue

3. Windmill Street

Broker/Dukes Lines (8,3):

1. Hunington Street Low

2. Hunington Street High- Transition Line To Broker/Dukes Lines (8,3)

3. Lynch Street

4. Francis International Airport

5. Hunington Street High- Transition Line To Broker/Dukes Lines (8,3)

6. Scottler

7. Hove Beach

Subway Info

Thank You for visiting our forums page. Our goal is to be a safe and easy way for Liberty City citizens online and offline to travel around the city. Our employees are very dedicated to their jobs. We are always open to hiring new people. Our Fares are only $3 per station. It is a cheap way to travel for people all over the city. For comuters in Alderney, even though there are now lines near you, The LTA can transport you to the subway stations by using our city busses. We promise a great and happy experience while on our subway!

Fares Per Station
Children $1.50 Adults $3.00


Subway Lines
B (Blue) Bohan E (Yellow) Bohan
C (Blue) Inner Algonquin
K (Yellow) Inner Algonquin
J (Orange) Outer Algonquin
A (Green) Outer Algonquin
8 (Green) Broker/Dukes
3 (Orange) Broker/Dukes

Tramway (Skycar Lines)

Currently The LTA owns only one Tramway Line. It connects Algonquin to Colony Island. The purpose is to help residents of Colony Island to travel to the commercial district of Easton.


1. Easton (Presidents City)

2. Colony Island