yoo guys i got an problem...

i was playing gta 4 and i was trying to dat one of those chicks by internet, the lawchick ( kiki something)

but i screwed up,

she said when i arrived at some restaurant ( no fastfood shit :P ) im not in the mood for this.

is there a possibility that i can try it again or is this not possible?

because, the extra thing she gives ( remove up to three stars) is quit nice.

thanks ^^

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She just doesnt like fancy stuff. She kinda wants you to get her fast food shit :P Extremofire 11:54, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

Ya u can. Jus wait for 2-3 in game days and she'll appear again in the internet. Always wear russian store clothes and drive some shitty car and dont go to fancy places.