OK, so, I was wondering, What is the fastest car in GTA IV? I immediately thought, the Turismo. But what do you guys think? Below is the Turismo.

Ilan xd:I think it is the Bullet GT.

21:35, November 8, 2013 (UTC)21:35, November 8, 2013 (UTC)~

Warriorman222: depends on the DLC and mode. Here are my top 5:

1. Police Stinger(online)

2. Super drop Diamond(TBOGT, beat Yusuf's last mission)

3.Super diamon(TBOGT)


5.Infernus 21:35, November 8, 2013 (UTC)~~

The Infernus for me appear to be the fastest car. the Blista Compact are not a real sport car. But its still very hard to tell whitch is the fastest cause GTA IV does not have a speedometer.

I like the Sultan RS

To be honest I like the Infernus and I think its faster. --Stephendwan 21:59, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

Ilan xd: I also think that the Comet and F620 are faster that any car except for the Bullet GT, but the fatest cars in the whole series are the Bullet GT in the TBoGT mission "No. 3" and the Police Stinger.

The Infernus is in fact the fastest car in GTA IV at 250km/h, with the Comet second fastest at 248km/h, but in TBoGT, the fastest car (availabe only in multiplayer) is the fastest, with a top speed of 260km/h.

The Blista Compact has a top speed of 321 KPH. Ohh and you can't not agree that the Sultan RS has the best acceleration.

My name is Jerome. To me the 1999 muscle car is the fastest.

Ilan xd: you wright that the Sultan RS has very good acceleration, but the Blista Compact is only the seventh or less fastest car. The best cars are(only sports cars:

Actually me and my friend raced cars on the airport run way,

  1. 1 Bullet GT
  1. 2 Comet and Infernus tied
  1. 3 Sultan RS/Turismo
  1. 4 Banshee
  1. 5 Coquette
  1. NRG-900