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Forums GTA Favorite cars of their class?

With that I mean what for example is in your opinion the best supercar, or mpv?

Mine are as follows:

Supercars: Bullet GT because its so d*mn beautiful

Sportscar: Sentinel XS because it looks like a beemer, which is great

Musclecar: Dukes with that sick supercharger sticking out its hood becauseits just badass

Four-door: Civic Buffalo because of that magnificant roar and the unburnt fuel exploding in its exhaust pipes

Two-door: Blista Compact because a hot hatch is never bad

Convertible: Super Drop Diamond because c'mon its gold

SUV/pickup: Slamvan because its so perfectly old school (shame of the deadbeat logos though)

Van: Gang Burrito because it reminds me of BA's van from the a-team (again those cursed deadbeat logos)

Trucks and lorries: Mr. Tasty because of its dope jingle

Government/emergency: APC because it has a freakin cannon

Bikes: Vader because i like its styling

Boats: Smuggler because it looks like it can cut other boats in half if you ram them hard enough

Helicopters: Buzzard because it will tear every other vehicle to shreds

Other: Ripley because it has rims like the rings of saturn

Supercars: Comet. It's just awesome car.

Sportscar: Sultan RS Musclecar: Sabre GT (Vice City)

Four-door: Schafter (GTA IV - Mafia version)

Two-door: Blista Compact Convertible: Feltzer (GTA SA)

SUV/pickup: Huntley

Van: Burrito

Trucks and lorries: -

Government/emergency: FBI Buffalo

Bikes: Freeway

Boats: Squalo

Helicopters: Sparrow

Other: Airtug

Kmeto 14:22, December 15, 2010 (UTC)

ill just say my favorite car and bike:

Bike: sanchez

Car: Oracle (Packies car) because Packie is my fav characterPaddy 36 20:07, December 27, 2010 (UTC)

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