So, the other day, when I was on gta4, I took the elevator to the top of Rotterdam tower. When I reached the top floor, I saw a ladder (on the ledge) down to a lower floor. I tried to climb down it, but when I jumped, I overshot, and fell all the way down to the ground. My back hit a driving car, but somehow, I survived, with only a sliver of health left! I only used the health cheat and did not have anything unlocked to save my health. So I tried again (after replenishing my health). But this time, I landed on that lower level that I was talking about, and died. I have no idea how I did that, so please post some ideas!

Rotterdam tower

upper levels of rotterdam tower

Template:Gta iv forumDue to video game physics, you survived the fall because the car softened the blow, and therefore you barely survived. But then again, this is a video game. I'd say it was a lucky fall that the car happened to be there.