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Please list below any REAL multiplayer gangs that you know of. Also, if possible, list any known members, colors they wear, or anything of the sort. Do not forget to mention the console. Also, remember that a clan is a group of people that often will go into Team Deathmatch together, while a gang is a group of friends that will usually only free roam.

L2K- Xbox Clan- Members- oL2Ko DarkHero, oL2Ko Ace, oL2Ko mofozy, oL2Ko MiNiOn, IMACORNDOG, oL2Ko Dope- They will often be found on BOGT Team Deathmatch. They do NOT have turbos. They are also rivals with the SFK clan.

zSFKz- Xbox Clan- Members- zSFKz Schwag, zSFKz Shadow420, zSFKz GyspyFire, zSFKz CHUCKY, zSFKz DDES, zSFKz DEMO, zSFKz SMOKIN U, zSFKz THRILLKILL, zSFKz MadChief, zSFKz smoker, zSFKz ENJAY- They will often be found on BOGT Team Deathmatch. They do NOT have turbos.

DELTA Squad- Xbox Clan- Members- Alpha Team ZAZ, IRISHxxPRIDE, SilenceTheDead2, V6V9 Trigerhapy- They will often be found in GTA IV Team Deathmatch. They do NOT have turbos.4 positions open please contact Alpha Team ZAZ to join DELTA and for more information, Contact E-mail-AlphaTeamZAZ@LIVE.COM

Barzini Crime Family- Xbox Gang- Members- SuperTECK47(Don), oL2Ko mofozy (Consigleire), fatness7734 (Capo), Deadwalker12 (Capo), Extreeeme1 (Soldier), UNDERTAKERsst (Soldier), dex48810 (Soldier)-Anyone looking to join should send an Xbox message to oL2Ko mofozy.

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The Clemente Family Mafia ( GTA IV CLAN )

Join The Clemente Crime Family (Mafia) and over time become a made man. Add one of these people to join

Don: Don-Clemente- Consigliere: position open. Underbosses: spiritualibra, Clemente-UB, gingernut00987. Capo's: REDSPECKLESS, Lecky69, chariesboy123 Soldiers: Roberten, jujuman120, JAMEStheMADMAN, mikeymatalo Gemma2979, yheadsparoad, jarvismichael. We have eliminated four rival families making Don-Clemente-, don of the city. We are willing to make deals with other MAFIA families, if they know that we are in charge. Other than that it's pretty fun being in the family. We operate on PS3 ONLY!

London Metropolitan Police Clan

London Metropolitan Police Clan is a policing role play clan. We play as the world famous Metropolitan Police Service and play with a full game pack that contains current Metropolitan Police Uniforms and Vehicles that are in current service. If you would like to find out more, please visit us at

Sea County Sheriffs Office Clan

The Sea County Sheriffs Office consists of 9 divisions which are, Patrol, Traffic, K9, SWAT, Aviation, Correctional Deputy, Special Deputy, Beach/Water Patrol, and Investigations. We strive to ensure our deputies can give the residents of Sea County quality law enforcement services. You can find more information and or sign up at

Liberty Metro Law Enforcement ( GTA IV CLAN )

Welcome to the Liberty Metro Law Enforcement. We are home to one of the newest and most real life Law Enforcement role play community GTA IV and LCPDFR can possible offer. Our Command Staff is one of honesty, integrity, dedication and professionalism. Some with almost two years of GTA4 LCPDFR Role play Command Staff experience, and many members with real life law enforcement experience and/or extensive knowledge of real life law enforcement. Unlike some of the larger clans that boast about how many members they have, and claim to have the most Departments and Sub Divisions of any clan, or say they provide realism in role play. We strive for Honesty, Integrity, Respect, along with Real Life Role play and most of all Realism. Realism is our number one priority of all at LMLE. Each one of our departments operates off a real life Police, Sheriff, State Police, Fire / EMS, Communications (Dispatch) S.O.P (Standard Operating Procedures) to provide a mature "REAL LIFE” role play experience. Each one of our departments having their own S.W.A.T., F.T.O., Detective, Aviation, Harbor, Motorcycle and K-9 divisions that they have complete control of, without any restrictions or dictation by a clan director or owner. LMLE shows "NO” favoritism to any member, department or sub division with in our clan. Our F.T.O Division for each Department has extensive training in making sure you are prepared to join our patrols with confidence and that you know what to do and how to do it safely. We have an extensive 10 Code and Signal Code list that we provide each member at training. All Command Staff at LMLE have an open door policy, so feel free to stop by any Command Staff Office for any questions, comments or complaints. If this sounds like something you would like in your LCPDFR role play experience, then LMLE is the clan for you.

Check us out @: