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Hey all...

Just wondering if anyone has some tips to get high speed on a pcj. I'm into stunting and have watched lots of videos with great jumps (bump jumps mostly) but when I try the exact same spots I have definitely less air than what I've seen... Maybe it's about the right timing for a wheelie, I don't know.

Any help is welcome and will be greatly appreciated. ^^


From which game san andreas you slightly lean forward as well on gta 4 i hope this helps.Crimsonterminator1000 00:56, November 15, 2009 (UTC)

-- yeah sorry forgot to mention it, I play gta iv.. I'll try it out thanks Crimsonterminator!

-- I got some tips on some forums and videos so I'll post for others.. first is a wheelie of course, once or twice really accelerates, then forwards and backwards rapidly ( don't know if the front wheel should actually lift off ). I'm still testing it out anybody else got anything to add ... :) ( I tried it out at the airport with a speedo mod ).


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